Rivington White Out

Date: 20.01.2018

The weather forecast said its going to be Sunny but cold ..well freezing actually at 0°C with an 8MPH wind. This, for me is ideal riding conditions so I don't overheat and the sun on your face, well you just can't beat that "alive" feeling.

We arrived at the parking spaces as arranged and had bacon butties. 

We went to Rivington today. It's a hill. So, you ride UP the hill then back DOWN, then back UP then back DOWN. Sounds like fun eh!

Rivington is an olde English name that kinda means Rugged Farm that was owned by the Lever family (?) ages ago. They had money and liked to spend it on their 45acre land, building things like a Japanese Garden Terrace, a Zoo even a replica of Liverpool Castle! It's all there you just need to know where to look. The most obvious bits you still see today are the seven arched bridge and the Pigeon Tower this has "the Lady's" sewing room at the top...

There are so many ways you can get around this place on a bike. Be aware, there is a lot of climbing. The route we used was from FlatTyres, it's also a route I've done several times so didn't really follow the map. The bit's I did follow are the bits I've never been to. Now know why, ...it's all up hill when you can get to the same point by riding on the flat. It's good to push yourself at times, I'm sure.

We all stuck together and waited at each section. Hannah is new to Mountain Biking and this is really her second ride out with us.. The first time was a Llandegla, where it snowed, this time it also snowed. I started singing frozen in my head as I climbed up the hills. Think her new name is Elsa.

The most technical part of the ride was going down the Ice Cream run. This is the Mountain bike section in the Commonwealth games a while back so it's pretty gnarly but super fun. It was good to see everyone literally throwing themselves into it to beat it....did anyone get bitten?

Myself and Hannahtook the scenic way down. I was trying to point out the old ruins of the castle and the steps of the Japanese garden - I don't think she was paying attention.
Once at the bottom, we all met up where a few did get bitten. Kudos for trying in these conditions. Here we held a "Chinese Parliament" as to carry on for another 10miles, or quit....

What do you think we did?